Brunsweiler River

Size: : 86.40 acres

Location: Marengo Township, Ashland County

Habitat Types: Forest, wetland, river, shoreland, grassland.

Conservation Values: Forest and wetlands provide important habitat for a variety of rare and/or unique species and communities including black-throated blue warbler, northern goshawk, bald eagle and grey wolf. The open space, grassland, forest edge and aquatic habitats support a diverse assemblage of species and natural communities including sandhill cranes, waterfowl, grassland birds, and shorebirds

Protection: Donated Permanent Conservation Easement

Description: The easement was donated by Martin Hanson on his property known as Camelot North, located in the Penokee – Gogebic Range in west-central Ashland County, near Beaverdam Lake on the Brunsweiler River. The topography of the Protected Property is characterized by gently rolling forested terrain with natural and constructed wetlands, and ravines that drain to Beaverdam Lake on the Brunsweiler River. The forest includes mixed deciduous hardwoods such as yellow birch, white birch, red maple, sugar maple, elm, black ash, green ash, basswood, ironwood, and aspen interspersed with conifers such as Norway pine, white pine, balsam fir, eastern hemlock, white spruce and tamarack. The wetlands provide open space, field, forest edge and aquatic values.