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Who are we?
The Bayfield Regional Conservancy is a land trust that works in northwestern Wisconsin to save natural areas, scenic lands, farmland, trails and open space that makes this region beautiful. The conservancy works on a voluntary basis with private landowners to preserve land through conservation easements. The Conservancy also buys land for nature preserves and provides technical support to local governments to carry out conservation initiatives.

The Bayfield Regional Conservancy was founded by local citizens in 1996. Founding members include: Cherie Routhier, Madeline Hart, Shannon Swanstrom, Bill Hackbarth, Connie Burditt, Gary Connell, Bill Ferraro and others. Operating as an all-volunteer organization, the Conservancy first concentrated on saving the Brownstone Trail, a railroad grade that serves as a public walking trail from Bayfield to Port Superior Marina. The Conservancy negotiated an easement for a stretch of the trail through a new sub-division so the trail wouldn't be lost for public use.

In 2000, the Conservancy added a half-time executive director to focus on land protection projects.

You can see committee descriptions for the Conservancy's committees.
2003-2004 Board of Directors
President - Spencer Robnik
Vice President - Shannon Swanstrom
Secretary - Kathleen Russell
Treasurer - Ernie Korpela
Mike Crowell
Bill Ferraro
Nan Fey
Tom Frizzell
Tam Hofman
Art Ode
Nancy Sandstrom
2003-2004 Council               
Lois Albrecht
Jack Beagan & Dee Johnson       
Janet Bewley                            
Bob Brander                             
Kim Bro
Bob Bruce
Bill & Nancy Bussey
Arnie & Patty Carver
ML & Ron Coburn
Jim & Joan Collins
Gary & Kris Connell
Mike & Karen Crowell
Rick & Janet Dale
Matt Dallman
Bob Davidson
Rex & Peg Dollinger
Tom Doolittle
Mark & Pam Dryer
Mark & Shari Eggleson
Claudia Ferraro
Ed & Shirley Flitz
Rozanne Frizzell
Ulf Gavert
Martin Hanson
Tim & Kitty Hartnett
Bob Hauser
Ron & Carolyn Hollstadt
Jocelyn Jacobs
Curt Johnson
Jerry & Linda Johnson
Phyllis Johnson
Tim Kane
Janice Korpela
Bill Larson
Tracey Ledder
Dave Lee
Bruce Lindgren
Doug Liphart
Craig Locey
Larry MacDonald
Mark Musolf
Bob & Sue Nelson
Lorain Olsen
Judith Peyton
Liz Quast
Bruce Rapps
Beth Reed
Kent & Dorothy Richmond
Judith Robnik
Marilyn & Bill Van Sant
Jane Silberstein
Cynthia Stokvis
Tom Wojciechowski
Marilyn & Alan Youel
Meaning of logo symbols (from artist Cherie Routhier)

The logo was derived from Anishinaabeg (Ojibwa) pictographs of the pre-Europeran contact period. The picture writing system was in widespread use in the Great Lakes area.

Four directions, Spirits over Kitchi-Gami (Great Lake, Superior) with many islands and rivers. Great spirits under water, bird, and fish totems and a healing spirit bear.