The Bayfield Regional Conservancy can work with you to protect your land for the future.  Depending on whether you intend to sell your land for conservation, or retain ownership but still protect the land, we can assist you in exploring all your options, with no obligation.


Most landowners we work with are interested in retaining ownership of the land but they want to make sure that after they are gone, the land will be protected from over development.  If you are interested in retaining ownership, please see our information on conservation easements.  You may donate an easement (a tax deductible gift) or sell an easement (dependent on available funds).


Occasionally we can acquire your land for conservation, although these acquisitions are less common for us, and usually involve federal or state grants, or gifts of land.  When the BRC does buy land, we often convey it to a local government, or the State of Wisconsin.  We usually retain a conservation easement which insures that land will be used for conservation.


To learn more about conservation options for landowner, please contact our office at 715-779-LAND (5263) and we would be happy to talk with you, or visit your property to discuss your options.



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