Landowner Questionaire

Date __________

Name ________________________________

Address ______________________________

Phone/email __________________________

This questionnaire is intended to help the Conservancy understand your wishes for the future of your property so that your conservation easement will reflect your vision for the land. Please attach additional pages if necessary.

1. What do you want to protect your property for?

2. What do you want to protect your property against?

3. What are the significant conservation values of your property? (streams, tree types, wildlife habitat, landforms, scenic views etc.)

4. Here are some typical restrictions found in a conservation easement. Please check all restrictions that you would like to see in your easement:
Include restrictions on:
___ subdivision and development
___ commercial or industrial use
___ new and existing buildings, structures, roads and other improvements
___ alteration of the land surface
___ mineral development
___ waste dumps
___ utility lines, storage tanks, towers
___ signs and billboards
___ any use or activity that causes soil degradation, erosion or pollution of waters (wetlands, steams, ponds, watercourses or wells)

5. Check any of the following land uses and activities do you want to permit in the easement.
___ no timber harvest allowed
___ limited timber harvest for personal use (firewood, removing diseased trees)
___ commercial timber harvest that maintains diverse age class and species, or restores a woodland
___ unrestricted commercial timber harvest
___ other (please specify)___________________________

Hunting/Trapping /Fishing
___ no hunting allowed
___ hunting by property owner, or permitted parties
___ open to hunting by the public
___ other (please specify)___________________________

Agricultural Uses
___ no agricultural use allowed (except for personal use eg. gardens etc.)
___ agriculture for personal use (livestock)
___ agriculture for commercial use (market farm, greenhouses, row crops, feedlot etc)
___ other (please specify)____________________________

Vehicular Use
___ no motorized use allowed whatsoever
___ snowmobile permitted
___ ATVs permitted
___ jetskis permitted
___ other (please specify) ____________________________

This questionnaire is not all inclusive, but only the beginning of a conversation to elucidate your vision for the future stewardship of your property. Please add any thoughts or comments that you would like to share with the Conservancy.

Please return to:
Bayfield Regional Conservancy
PO Box 410
Bayfield, WI 54814


The Bayfield Regional Conservancy permanently protects natural areas, forests and farms, wild and scenic areas in the northwoods of Wisconsin. The Bayfield Regional Conservancy is a locally-based, non-profit land trust that works in Bayfield, Ashland, Sawyer and Douglas Counties. We preserve and protect land through land acquisition, conservation easements and partnerships.