Size :  35 acres
Location: Town of Bayfield, Bayfield County
Habitat Types:  Woodland, farmland and ravine

Conservation Value:  Natural, scenic, provide flood protection.

Protection:  The property was acquired by  the Bayfield Regional Conservancy with contributions from community members, Town of Bayfield, the City of Bayfield, Mary H. Rice Foundation and WI Knowles Nelson State Stewardship Fund.  Currently deeded to the Town of Bayfield with a conservation easement to insure that the Property will be retained forever in its natural and scenic condition.

Description:  The property is located at the top of the big ravine to help ameliorate flooding, but also provide excellent forest habitat and great hiking and snowshoeing trails for the community.  15 acres are part of the Big Ravine (very steep) and 20 acres are open fields and old apple trees with a house, pole barn and a mobile home. 

Access:  The Big Ravine is open to the public.

Directions: Take 10th Street west up the hill in Bayfield to Betzold Road.  Turn right on Betzold  Rd. and go ½ mile to Martin Road.  Turn right onto Martin Road and go ½ mile and follow the right angle turn ¼ mile to the end of Martin Road.