Bass Lake

Size: 30.6 acres

Location: Town of Delta, Bayfield County

Habitat Types: 1,151 feet of lake shoreline, 4.88 acres of wetlands, 19.27 acres mixed hardwoods, and significant habitat for wetland and aquatic vegetation.

Conservation Values: maintain water quality of the lake; quality forest habitat, aquatic communities; wildlife and fishery habitat, waterfowl habitat, and provides nesting, roosting, and feeding areas for American Bald Eagles, and for other fish and wildlife species, including the Common Loon, scenic

Protection: Donated Permanent Conservation Easement

Description: The property includes ~ ½ mile of shoreline on a 75 acre spring fed lake (Bass Lake). Wildlife is abundant, including nesting loons and eagles. There are 6 species of conifer and 7 species of hardwood trees. The dominant tree species along the upland shoreline are red and white pine, white birch, red maple, and black spruce. Further upland, tree species are primarily red maple, red oak, and white birch, with a stand of balsam fir and a few scattered red and white pine. The shrub layer is beaked hazel with occasional serviceberry. Upland herbaceous cover includes blueberry, Canada mayflower, large leaf aster, bracken fern, gay wings, starflower, wintergreen, calopogon, lycopodium spp., and pink lady slipper.

Wildlife include deer, coyotes, wolves (Rainbow Lake pack and Sutherland/White River pack), and otter.