* Corny Beach

Size: : 6.3 Acres

Location: Hwy 13 and Superior Ave, Town of Bell, Bayfield County

Habitat Types: Wetland, sand dunes, 600 ft. Lake Superior lakeshore and upland.

Conservation Values: Wildlife habitat, water quality, protection, scenic open space and recreation

Protection: Owned by the Town of Bell with an easement held by Bayfield Regional Conservancy

Description: Corny Beach includes 600 feet of Lake Superior shoreline including the beach at the end of Superior Street in Cornucopia, west of the privately owned marina. The Bayfield Regional Conservancy wrote two grants to help fund the purchase of this property. As part of the transaction, the Town placed a conservation easement on the property that will preserve it forever as a natural area and an access to the lake. The Bayfield Regional Conservancy is responsible for the oversight of the easement and is building a modest endowment for this land.

* DeNuccio Property

Size: 58 acres

Location: Town of Washburn, Bayfield County

Habitat Types: Lake Superior Shoreline, intermittent stream, forest Conservation Value: Wetland, shore land and woodland, stabilization of highly erodible lands

Protection: Donated Conservation Easement held by the Bayfield Regional Conservancy

Description: The steep, wooded ravine, characteristic of Lake Superior shoreline, begins just west of the property and drops about 60 ft in elevation along its 660 ft stretch through the property to Lake Superior. The undeveloped wooded and open fields provide habitat for at least some portion of the life cycle of many species including black bears, foxes, fishers, woodcock, veery, woodthrush, and other wildlife. The relatively undeveloped nature of the woods and fields protect the water quality of Lake Superior. The property’s open fields are prominently visible from and provide scenic enjoyment to the general public from State Highway 13.


* Houghton Falls