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Conservation Easements Step-by-Step

1) Contact the Bayfield Regional Conservancy (BRC) for information on conservation options for landowners.

2) Think about your vision of the future of your land. Help the Conservancy understand what you would like to do by completing the landowner questionnaire and returning it to the Conservancy.

3) Schedule a site visit with Conservancy staff to walk and talk on the land.

4) The Bayfield Regional Conservancy prepares a property report and submits potential project to our Land Committee. We need to determine if the project meets our conservation criteria and that we have the resources to complete the project and provide ongoing stewardship.

5) The Conservancy prepares a draft conservation easement for you. You may also want your attorney to review the conservation easement.

6) The Conservancy asks you to consider making a contribution to the Conservation Easement Stewardship Fund This fund provides for annual visits to the property by the Conservancy and any legal defense that may be required in the future to uphold the terms of the conservation easement. This one-time contribution ranges from $3,500-$12,000 depending on the complexity of the situation, the size of the property or other factors. The contribution can be made in the form of a pledge, a bequest, donation of stock or other arrangements that work for you and the Conservancy

7) The Conservancy prepares a Baseline Notebook with maps and photos about the property.

8) The conservation easement is signed and recorded at the courthouse.

9) You may consider hiring an appraiser to value the conservation easement in order to determine the amount of the deduction you may take on your income taxes.

10) Once a year the Conservancy contacts you and visits the property.