February 27, 2021
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Ruth Oppedahl 779-LAND (5263)

Bayfield Regional Conservancy Secures Option to Purchase 35 acres of the Big Ravine

Remember the Flood of 1942? The force of the water and loads of soil that washed down the Big Ravine in Bayfield caused tremendous destruction.
Overtime, some land upstream was purchased and left wild to provide flood protection and informal trails were developed in the thickly wooded area known as the Big Ravine.
This Spring, the Bayfield Regional Conservancy has the chance to buy a 35-acre parcel that will permanently protect a large piece of the Big Ravine.
The BRC has an Option to Purchase that will expire May 31.

"It's easy to take for granted the steep wooded hill above Bayfield", said Ruth Oppedahl, director of the BRC. "But now we have a chance to preserve 35 acres of the Big Ravine forever."
The land will become a conservancy park in the Town of Bayfield and will be open to the public. It includes hiking/snowshoeing trails, and a stretch of the snowmobile trail on the east side of the Big Ravine.
This parcel has been identified in several plans
as a critical piece for floodplain protection and recreation.

The Conservancy has put together funding that includes a commitment from the State Stewardship Program through the Department of Natural Resources. Contributions have also come from the Mary Rice Foundation and community members. Additionally, a house and 5-acres on the property will be excluded from the park and is currently for sale to a conservation buyer.

About $40,000 is still needed to buy the property and the BRC is asking the community to help purchase this land by making a donation.

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