Annual Meeting
September 20, 2003

Present:Mike Crowell, Karen Crowell, Kent Richmond, Dorothy Richmond, Phil Peterson, Sheree Peterson, Tim Hartnett, Kitty Hartnett, Bev Jensch, Spencer Robnik, Judith Robnik, Dean Rau, Tom Frizzell, Cynthia Stokvis, Bill Bussey, Nancy Bussey, Art Ode, Joan Ode, Pat Olson, Shari Eggleson, Mark Eggleson, Bob Bruce, Steve Sandstrom, Nancy Sandstrom, Shannon Swanstrom, Ruth Oppedahl.

1.  Welcome.  Steve Sandstrom called the annual meeting to order. 

2.  Conservation Update.  Ruth Oppedahl reported on the activities in the past year.

·       Brownstone Trail - Three additional easements have been secured on the Brownstone Trail thanks to Bill Bussey’s work.  Another major washout and other drainage problems plague the area in front of Johnson’s house and the Wild Rice restaurant.  About $5000 has been raised to make the repairs based on an estimate by Randy Erickson of CW Trucking.  Gary Connell has been coordinating the repairs and the goal is to get these two areas fixed, as well as the grading of the entrance, this fall.
·       Lake Superior Land Trust Partnership  The BRC is a founding member of this partnership of land trusts around the lake.  So far, the partnership has secured funding to do three site conservation workshops, cover travel expenses, and coordination by the Land Trust Alliance.  In the future, BRC hopes to receive a pass-thru grant to hire an additional staff person for membership and outreach activities.
·       Farmland Preservation.  The Town of Bayfield’s Farmland Preservation Program is administered by the BRC.  In 2003 the Town contributed $15,000 and BTC used a LTA grant to fund the administration costs of about $31,000.  The first round of applications is almost complete with the result being two farms/orchards permanently preserved as farmland by the end of the year.  It is impossible to predict how many growers may apply to the program in 2004, so we don’t know the workload and funds needed.  BRC will look again for any grant funds that may apply towards the administration costs, and request $15,000 again from the Town of Bayfield.

3) Financial report.  Ruth Oppedahl reported for treasurer Ernie Korpela who was out due to family emergency.

The 2003 nine-month profit and loss statement shows income of $60,055 and expenses of $46,297.  The balance statement shows $40,090 in the checking account, with about $10,000 of that for restricted projects (Brownstone Trail and Farmland admin.)

BRC has a $19,809 in the conservation easement endowment, a fund whose principal is restricted for legal defense of any easements BRC holds.

BRC has $7,003 in investments (EMC, Intel, Wells Fargo and GE) which will be sold when the values recover.  This account may be the kernel of an endowment fund for the organization.

The 2004 draft budget shows projected income of $49,250 (not including farmland admin.) and expense of $53,269.  We will need to increase income or cut expenses to make up the $4,000 difference.  Nancy Bussey noted the importance of recruiting new members to support the 2004 budget.  For 2004, 100% of the income is from membership contributions.

4) Business. 
·       2002 Minutes.  Motion by Bill Bussey, second by Mike Crowell to approve the September 28, 2020 BRC annual meeting minutes.  Motion carried unanimously.
·       Re-stated bylaws.  Motion by Bill Bussey and second by Phil Peterson to adopt the re-stated bylaws.  Discussion clarifying that a general member is one who has not made a financial contribution in the current year.  Motion carried unanimously.
·       Board nominations.  Motion by Bill Bussey and second by Kitty Hartnett to nominate Art Ode for the board of directors.  Motion by Nancy Bussey and second by Phil Peterson to nominate Nancy Sandstrom to the board of directors.  Motion amended to nominate Art Ode, Nancy Sandstrom, Nan Fey and Ernie Korpela to the board of directors.  Motion carried unanimously.

5) Suggestions and input.
·       Kent Richmond suggested BRC move ahead with the Brownstone Trail entrance improvements.
·       Dean Rau recommended that the stand of white pines near the south end of the Trail near Sanitarium Rd be protected within a trail easement.
·       Tim Hartnett requested that the trail uphill of the soccer field on the City’s 120 acres be repaired.
·       Phil Peterson suggested that it is time to focus on trails on the Peterson Preserve, now that as much debris as possible has been removed.  Anyone interested in trail work should send their email address to Phil (
·       Nancy Bussey suggested that it’s time to do a mass mailing to recruit new members.  Membership needs a more pro-active approach using marina lists etc.  She volunteered to sit on a committee to do this.

With no further business to conduct, Kent Richmond made a motion to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Respectfully submitted by Ruth Oppedahl. 9/22/2003.